tumblr dedicated to my goddess kim hyuna (김현아). here will be posted gifs and edits made by me.
since may 9, 2012.
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hi guys! we have a new blog for hyuna, a fy! if you want to know news and updates about her, you should follow fy-kimhyuna!

sicameow asked:
meow meow, thanks you for that new blog ^^


Anonymous asked:
Do you have a favorite picture of Hyuna?

a lot tbh! i’ll link you a recent one

happy birthday to our precious kim hyunah!

hi guys! i’m here to celebrate the +4000 followers (THANK YOU! ♥) and hyuna’s birthday that will be tomorrow with another psd! i don’t know if the psd will work with everything, you just need to adjust some things like curves, selective color etc. download

random hyunah_aa

random hyunah_aa

“She’s very sexy, but she has a cute personality.”

Anonymous asked:
Could I request gifs of hyuna twerking? <3

we can’t call what hyuna did a twerk lmao so i’m sorry i can’t make your request until hyuna do a proper twerk (pls don’t </3)

Anonymous asked:
What do you think of people who call hyuna a slut?

i think they don’t know the meaning of the word ‘slut’ and don’t have anything better to do than defame a person so lovely and hard working and beautiful and all the qualities hyuna have. i think people should know what they’re saying before saying it, they just say anything because they saw people saying or because they’re really dumb. i don’t see anything to be called ‘slut’ about hyuna and i have no idea where people see these things, i’m not a blind fan or anything, but really????? hyuna slut???? i don’t know since when being sexy or whatever makes you a slut, and the worst part is that people say shit about her without knowing her, they see a video or a performance and call her a slut. my conclusion? they should be punished by heaven. i’m sorry about my eng y’all.

misscingu asked:
What's your favourite Era of Hyuna? *-*

ice cream and ‘now’ with troublemaker!

hyuna’s personal talent