tumblr dedicated to my goddess kim hyuna! here will be posted gifs and edits made by me. since may 9, 2012.
Anonymous asked:
The only time hyuna twerked for real was in the RED video when she had on the brownish shorts in the egyptian area tbh


Make it so cool, make it more hot

Anonymous asked:
could you do a hyuna gif hunt ? since all the gif hunts on tumblr are with her old gifs...

sorry i can’t understand your request! :( 

smtownbaby asked:
where did you get the video for post/84436817613/ where hyuna has red hair and a black beanie? :) thanks and i love your blog!

i don’t have the video anymore but i found it, here! thank you!!!

darameow asked:
meow meow, thanks you for that new blog ^^


Anonymous asked:
Do you have a favorite picture of Hyuna?

a lot tbh! i’ll link you a recent one

happy birthday to our precious kim hyunah!

hi guys! i’m here to celebrate the +4000 followers (THANK YOU! ♥) and hyuna’s birthday that will be tomorrow with another psd! i don’t know if the psd will work with everything, you just need to adjust some things like curves, selective color etc. download

“She’s very sexy, but she has a cute personality.”

Anonymous asked:
Could I request gifs of hyuna twerking? <3

we can’t call what hyuna did a twerk lmao so i’m sorry i can’t make your request until hyuna do a proper twerk (pls don’t </3)

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